Audio Relay Unit

The Audio Relay Unit is an autonomous mobile radio station that can accumulate and share homemade or unusual CDs as it traveles to different locations. The group Temporary Services and Intermod Series (Brennan McGaffey) originally developed the Audio Relay unit in 2002 and a second model in 2005 with technical support by Bill Milosz.

In the past, the Audio Relay Unit traveled with the exhibition Beyond Green: Towards A Sustainable Art. The exhibition was co-organized by the University of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art and Independent Curators International, and curated by Stephanie Smith. During it’s voyage, it gathered and presented the work of musicians, sound artists, documentarians, and people whose work can be listened to. Also, Radio Chiguiro (Esteban Garcia) put the 2002 model to use for several years in Lafayette, Indiana, USA.

The Audio Relay Unit was designed for mobility. It operates using either AC electricity or solar panels that charge a 12volt battery. The Audio Relay Unit houses a 4-watt FM transmitter, a folding antenna, a 30-watt amplifier, two drawers that hold up to 200 cds, a cd player, one chair, and storage space for posters and other informative material.

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Download the exhibition catalogue for Beyond Green: Towards A Sustainable Art here.